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  • In Destiny 2’s Gambit mode, which was introduced in 2018, there are several reasons why it isn’t popular.

The Witch Queen logo appears in the upper right corner of the Gambit logo from Destiny 2.

The Witch Queen logo appears in the upper right corner of the Gambit logo from Destiny 2.
Destiny 2’s gambit mode has had a tumultuous history. Although it isn’t the horde mode that many players are hoping for, the various variations of the mode have been entertaining to play. Destiny 2’s Gambit, despite its entertainment value, continues to struggle in comparison with other activities. As Destiny 2 gamers began to receive their Year in Review figures, this has been highlighted particularly nicely. Most of the Destiny 2 Year in Review is used by players to review their progress in the game and includes a detailed analysis of each Guardian’s time in the game. Few serious PvP players spent a significant amount of time in Gambit, despite the fact that many Guardians fought the Darkness throughout the system. For many participants, it appears that simply reaching 10% of playing was a significant accomplishment. Destiny 2’s impending changes could help change this, but there are several reasons why this is the case right now.

Tweaking the witch queen for the season pass in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Gambit revision details about the new invaders as revealed by twab bungie prehistoric messengers a reduction in the consumption of ammunition osiris ritual playlist trials for freelance nodes are focused on rewards motes that float across the air For many players, the lack of balance in Gambit is the primary deterrent to participating. In Destiny 2, Gambit’s PvPvE structure stands out. It may seem like a good thing, but the way this structure has been tinkered with in the past has had a bad impact on gameplay. In the past, problematic Titan builds in Gambit have grabbed centre stage, and it is at best difficult to return to the game mode once it has already been dismantled. If you compare a team made up of premade players to a team made up of players who were randomly selected, the premade team is more likely to win the match.

After the release of The Witch Queen.

The high expectations raised by the overhaul of Gambit should be met. Changes will be made to the Gambit mode’s balance in an effort to reduce the number of powerful individual builds that are able to melt bosses. This includes making sure that great teammates and mote gathering are equally rewarding for a team as an experienced invader is. Boss melting Titan builds from Destiny 2 will have less of an impact in Gambit mode if they have invincibility phases added for their respective stages. Taking down bosses in Gambit is a great way to speed up the completion of many endgame objectives, but it feels out of place. The fact that players can shift gear in the game mode means that Guardians can transition from a build geared to clear away mobs to one designed to defeat a boss in seconds. Even if both sides summoned their primordial at almost the same time, this is a major factor affecting Gambit matchups later in the game, with some teams not recognising they’ve almost lost.

Loot from a gambit
For Drifter’s birthday, a Destiny 2 player is given a Gambit cake.

Gambit’s most pressing issue may be balancing, but it’s not the only one. Other activities in Destiny 2 often have showy rewards, and Gambit has a hard time keeping up with that dynamic as well. Gambit’s main weaponry can be a bit disappointing, with the most highly sought-after weapon being Bottom Dollar. However, if you wish to utilise a rocket launcher, there are better options available to you than this other gear, such as Bad Omens. It also lacks any Adept weapons, despite its reliance on Gambit as a primary game mode. Many activities in the game provide players with access to high-level weapons, which are a big appeal for die-hards. With the weekly Grandmaster Nightfall strike, the Trials of Osiris got its Adept weaponry. Celerity and Bottomless Grief are special perks that can be added to these weapons. Adept weapons also have the ability to apply Adept mods, which adds to the value and prestige that enthusiasts place on Adept weapons. Because Adept weapons are intended to reward players who devote substantial time and effort playing Destiny 2, their lack in Gambit is likely to be a contributing reason. Gambit has been viewed as a tertiary option without any weapons that gamers feel are significant, whose primary value derives from completing bounties. While there have been objectives and rewards like the Gambit Jadestone in the past, there isn’t much of a lure to Gambit in terms of weapons, armour, or aesthetics as it stands in Year 4 of Destiny 2.

This is a major shortcoming in a loot-driven game like Destiny 2.

While Destiny 2’s storey is compelling, many gamers are more interested in the loot grind and getting as much stuff as possible. However, without these features being bolstered greatly in the future, players will most likely continue to avoid the game mode. The Gambit redesign has made some excellent modifications, such adding a solo queue akin to the Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, but it still needs more to entice the community. Loot that players appreciate and want to gather even in the Iron Banner, a Crucible expansion, inspires excitement from the community as a whole. When the Iron Banner armour was launched in Season 15, many players invested their time just to be able to wear it, which is an example of this. After its reworks in The Witch Queen expansion are completed, Gambit may benefit from something similar in the future. Taken armour sets from the first Destiny game may be resurrected, or whole new loot concepts could be explored. Although the reworked Gambit mode appears to be only a beginning, it’s unlikely that the mode will become popular without further experimentation.

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