Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Metaverse headlines have been all over the news lately, unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the last few months. Whether or not you’re drawn to the virtual world, there’s no denying that investing in it is ripe with possibilities, and that this trend will only continue. Listen in as Jason Hall and Rachel Warren of discuss in this episode of Backstage Pass from January 10th.

Do you think the metaverse has been overrated by investors or under-appreciated?

Hall, Jason: When I saw a piece about Microsoft’s lack of developers on Wall Street Journal’s website, I thought it was interesting. The CNBC piece was discussing tech giants, and Apple is likely to benefit the most from the metaverse, and so forth.

Rachel, I’d like you to take the lead on this one. For your thesis, we’ll make a stock out of this.

Rachel Warren: That’s a good question. It’s an interesting question because lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the metaverse.

The metaverse has been the sole topic of conversation for the past seven months, so that’s why.

Rachel Warren: That’s fantastic. Thank you. There is a lot of investor hype, but I don’t believe it is always due to investors fully understanding some of the metaverse’s technologies and processes.

It’s not always about a specific product or service, but rather a lot of hype surrounding an idea. Rather than being over or undervalued, I believe some investors are unsure of how to value it.

Everyone Talking About the Metaverse

Meta Platforms is a company that has rebranded itself as a metaverse stock, in addition to some of the general volatility we’ve been seeing with tech companies, for example, some of what we’ve seen with Facebook.

I think some investors aren’t assured now how to properly value it, what is its place going to be in the metaverse? More and more businesses are moving into this market. What will it look like when it’s done? I immediately think of Facebook when I think of this business.

While pondering this area, I think like a lot of other people do. For long-term investors, I believe the metaverse has a lot of potential.

More and more people, I believe, will put their money into an idea rather than a physical product or piece of software. The metaverse, I believe, has some sturdiness to it.

But I also think there’s this aspect to it, where it’s this rush toward the newest, and latest, and greatest shiny thing. I wonder what that’s going to look like in five years, 10 years? Is the metaverse still going to be a hot topic? Is it possible that something else will be the focus of everyone’s attention instead?

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