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The Ring Two is a solid sequel, even if its predecessor is the clear favourite of horror moviegoers.

The Ring Two Samara Featured Image Sequels are a challenging topic. You really can’t help but want to see more of your favourite characters after the first film does such an excellent job. A sequel to a horror film might be similarly difficult, especially if the first film was a huge success. People were fascinated by the storey of a videotape that could kill them once they watched it when it was released in 2002. In comparison to The Ring, critics didn’t like The Ring 2 at all. Second movie Rachel (Naomi Watts), her son Aidan (David Dorfman), and Samara’s impact on their lives continue to be a major threat to their lives as many question whether or not Rachel is harming Aidan.

Here are some of the best fan theories about the upcoming sequel to Scream that we’ve found.

There are a few things that horror aficionados can appreciate about The Ring Two, despite the fact that the original film will always be the best and most unforgettable. Samara is an unkillable horror movie villain and a one-of-a-kind figure in the horror genre. Samara takes over Julia’s (Matilda Lutz) body towards the end of Rings, the third film in the series, despite Rachel defeating her in The Ring Two. There’s a new timetable to consider for the third picture, which is set to follow the events of the first one. Since Samara was abused so severely, the movies manage to make her both terrible and impossible to defeat, but also sympathetic. Much though the previous film’s Samara had long black hair that covered her eyes and slow, deliberate motions, the sequel adds to the creep factor and makes her even more terrifying. As Aidan is taken over by Samara and Rachel investigates her past, Samara has a significant impact on the plot of The Ring 2. Samara occupies Aidan as he sleeps, and it’s a little unnerving to see. Rachel continues her investigation into Samara’s tragic and harrowing background and learns even more. Rachel visits the Morgan family’s Moesko Island ranch and discovers some belongings that belonged to Samara in the basement. Rachel’s most intriguing find is a flower-print luggage that reveals more about Samara’s biological mother.

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