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Will Jake Lockett return as Sam Carver?


Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) has only been around for one season, but he’s already become one of the most crucial characters on Chicago Fire. He factored into several of the biggest plot lines in season 11, and has developed some pretty intriguing dynamics with the other characters who regularly drive the story.

The thing that makes Carver so interesting, however, is the same thing that makes it difficult to see him being a long term part of the show. He’s an impulsive and unpredictable character, and oftentimes, these qualities can get him in trouble. Will Carver be back in action for season 12 or has he already run out of leeway with Firehouse 51?

Is Carver leaving Chicago Fire season 12?

Fortunately, the answer looks to be no. Carver’s brief suspension from the 51 was lifted before the finale, and he wasted no time getting back into the thick of the action. He was front-and-center during the sniper attack that led to Mouch (Christian Stolte) getting shot, and he also remains close with Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

The latter relationship is particularly interesting, as the two went from hating each other to being two of the closest firefighters in the entire 51. When Kidd was in trouble, and being stalked by an unstable civilian, Carver was the one she called. Granted, there’s been a vacancy in Kidd’s life since Severide (Taylor Kinney) left, but it still says a lot that Kidd and Carver have gotten so close in such a brief amount of time.

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There’s also some potential romance angles involving Carver in season 12. While the character had a brief fling with Wendy Seager (Andy Allo), the season 11 finale diverted attention to Violet (Hanako Greensmith), and what appeared to be an obvious flirtation between her and Carver.

It was a little unexpected, but it could also be a way to bring out different aspects of both characters. Consider us intrigued. Regardless of what happens and who he romances, Carver will definitely be back in the mix for season 12, and we can’t wait to see how he adjusts.

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