Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Put away those ill-fitting, saggy sweatpants. Microsoft Mesh’s normcore avatars aren’t my cup of tea.

What if you could show up to your next virtual meeting wearing a top that dynamically depicted your mood and personality using computer-generated imagery?

What may appear to be a bizarre figment of a writer’s imagination is in fact a reality. Stylish social media influencers are dressing up their digital personas with ready-to-wear virtual bottoms and tops (ranging from $30 to $700). Fashion designers like Gala Marija Vrbanic are jumping on the metaverse bandwagon as more companies follow Microsoft and Meta into the virtual world.

Metaverse Shake Up Office Dress Code

At the TEDWomen conference in November, Vrbanic said, “Digital fashion is not an alternative but an evolutionary step.” This new era, where digital garments could become an added layer to our reality, allows you to instantly choose to whom you want to present yourself wearing multiple different outfits at the same time using the most advanced technology, such as AR or VR. We are currently in this new era. Because of this, digital fashion is a zero-waste and inclusive platform that can be used by anyone regardless of gender, size, or race.”

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