Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

With regards to the metaverse, it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of a network that hasn’t even been created yet. For the time being, the best way to think of a “work metaverse” is as a digital office headquarters where you can move around as an avatar.

Work Metaverse is a Digital Avatar

A multiplayer video game might fit the bill, but it’s actually a work environment where you’re supposed to get things done. Many people have their doubts about this method of operation. That you can transform your desk into an actual ship is cool, but the idea of spending all your time in a virtual office is disconcerting.

It’s still true that some companies devote hours to their virtual HQs. Earlier this year, Protocol published an article in which it discussed the feelings elicited by three of the largest “work metaverse” companies.

The “work metaverse,” in all its usefulness and absurdity, is best seen in video form, and that’s why we decided to do it. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the worlds of Gather, Teamflow, and Virbela through the eyes of reporter Sarah Roach. Also in addition to chatting with Lizzy Lawrence, she races go-karts and draws on whiteboards and demonstrates complicated dance moves in the office.

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