Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
  • Steve Danuser and Morgan Day, the developers of World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands and Eternity’s End, spoke to Game Rant about the game’s world-building and storytelling.

The zerith mortis desert logo is very stunning.

Eternity’s End, the second and final significant update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, is nearing completion. In order to find Zovaal the Jailer, heroes from both the Alliance and the Horde will journey to Zerith Mortis, a realm utilised as a workshop by the enigmatic First Ones during the creation of the Shadowlands. Creation and knowledge could come from Zertih Mortis just as readily as death. During a Game Rant interview with World of Warcraft’s narrative designer Steve Danuser and lead game designer Morgan Day, they discussed the development of Zerith Mortis and the Shadowlands. As well as tips for relating stories from other worlds, they discussed the challenges of narrowing down the stories they wanted to tell. Shadowlands presented World of Warcraft with a unique and challenging chance.

Re-creating World of Warcraft in the Afterlife.

It’s difficult to tell a storey in the Shadowlands. Trying to strike a delicate balance between familiar and original content has been a challenge for Shadowlands from its inception. There were some unforeseen hurdles to overcome when it came to rationalising gameplay aspects like transportation, creating recipes and food in this scenario. There are numerous examples of this, like as the Oribos portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Emma Felstone and Philia Fintallas, Lordaeron refugees, and Tauren paladin Sunwalker Dezco, who seeks the souls of his deceased wife and child, are just some of the NPCs that can be encountered in the shadowlands main city. Anyone who thinks that any old baker may go to the afterlife and continue to sell their goods may find it hard to believe.

In the shadowlands, amazing sl citizens.

The Warcraft realm is vast, far more than any one game or book could ever hope to capture. There is so much we want to do, Day stated. A few are like, “Can the bread guy get through?”” Answers to those questions aren’t always possible. While this is a challenge, the development teams have done their best to present “This slice that is most relevant to the type [of game] that World of Warcraft is,” as Danuser described it. According to him, World of Warcraft relies on every aspect of the development team to tell its storey, from the main plot to secret cameos, and even strange crafting recipes and delicacies.

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